Hi there! My name is Meg Staley. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for almost 40 years. 25 years ago, my husband, Jerry Gretzinger, and I began collaborating on unique wearable art which we manufactured under the names of Staley/Gretzinger, Mad Lab and
Bread. Our clothing has been carried by over 200 specialty stores in the USA, including many marquee names, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

When our company finally closed last year, I knew I wanted to continue to make clothes and home goods, but I resolved to be inspired by every part of the process: designing, printing, dying, cutting, stitching and embellishing eash piece, one at a time. I started shopping thrift stores again, picking out vintage pieces with some intrinsic interest that I knew I could reinvent, following my instincts and allowing the the garment to tell me where it had been and where it wanted to go. I buy pieces of fabric that speak to me, bits of embroidery, printed scarves, old dresses, skirts. Often I dye and print fabrics and garments to make them my own and then combine everything into new pieces that I love.

Right now I’m totally into UNAPOLOGETIC COLOR. Like an addict, I need happy colors around me to lift me up. On the flip side, with pinched bank accounts hovering in the back corners of our brains, I know each piece has got to work with a basic bottom already in your closet; hence my tendency to accent each piece with black, white or neutral. My shapes are all loose and easy, one-size-fits-most, with a relaxed, informal lifestyle in mind. If you are stressed out, put on one of my tops and feel the tension start to slip away.

Care for my clothes is also easy: Machine or hand wash, cold water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat.

My business is completely word of mouth, off the grid, and that’s the way I want to keep it. I’m no longer interested in BIG, FAST, FASTER. I’m now over 60 and I want to savor each day. I’m blessed to be able to make SLOW clothes for women who are thoughtful, creative and autonomous. Thank you for helping me celebrate my individuality, by celebrating yours!

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  1. >Hello Meg,I has taken some research to find you–but I am a great fan!I am an artist living in Brooklyn and have been buying your now clothes lines for the past 20 years. My closet is full of SG, Ragman and even a bread shirt has come through my closet. Today I ventured up to cold springs to the Art to Wear store to hear that you have disolved the company. I was very sad, selfishly for myself and then bought two items left of the racks of the old line of SG. I am very interested to see what you do next, so please keep me in the loop as to your new artistic venture…now I need to find where I want to go next with my wardrobe!BestSarahsjhstudio@verizon.net

  2. Beautiful blog . . . a real showcase for your multi-dimensional personality! I devoured your pictures AND your picturesque words! Can’t wait to share more of your world next summer. Happy trails, dear friend . . . Susie of the North Country

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