Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out!

Shabby Chic??? Jer captured our (ahem, UNUSUAL) decor in the morning light, after I’d been possessed by a rare, but fruitful desire to clean the house. The big window bed couches are covered in our knitted rugs piled high with Staley/Gretzinger patchwork/applique pillows.

The crazy blooms on the right is flowering RHUBARB!

4 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out!

  1. You have such a way with everything! Love your unconventional couch/beds. Are your rugs knit with fabric only? Do you tie all the fabric strips together and then start knitting? I may just have to be a copycat in my spare time.

    I enjoy seeing your blog posts and getting ideas. Why weren’t we doing artsy stuff when we hung out as kids?

    Be well and enjoy your family and menagerie.

    • Kris – so much fun to be back in touch (in such a nouveau way! Though I’m very tardy in catching up with all things techy. I still remember hesitating about purchasing a fax machine for my first business! ” Geez, do I really need this?”) My parents were great appreciators of art, but crafty fascinations were definitely not on the table.

      The knit covers are just like rag rugs but knitted instead of braided. My husband is a knitter. he taught me to knit in a bowling alley one Christmas vacation. between that obsession and others in fabric: patchwork, applique, dying, and printing we keep ourselves amused constantly.

      xoxo meg Ps. ties are bits of fabric and knit densely stitched onto vintage ties. They’re always a good gift for a giggle, and often the lucky guy recipient actually gets a kick out of wearing it!

      • Thanks for the info, Meg. I love that your husband knits, paints, sews, and dyes along with you. It looks like you two have a lot of fun. Wish I lived close by so I could play!

        Yesterday I was cleaning out my yarn/knitting studio and realized I’ve been specializing in fingerless gloves for one armed women. I do not need to wander into any yarn stores for quite some time!

        I just took my first encaustic workshop and now I’m hooked on that!


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