Clarence the lamb arrives at Fake Rock Farm!!!

It’s been a busy couple of days here at the farm. Our dear friends, Susan and Edgar (that’s him wearing a hat in the background,) have been visiting from Maine and today Jerry and Edgar took delivery of Clarence, our new 3-month-old lamb. He’s a little shell-shocked, missing his flock and wants to charge/play with Sugar, who can’t decide if Clarence is a playmate or a terrorist. Even the turkeys seem to be curious about the newcomer, though when Jerry attempted to bed him down in the chicken coop, birds of all feathers went up in arms (wings?), and Clarence was retired to the old granary. Needless to say, a solar-powered fence has been ordered in a hurry and our neighbors are bequesting one of their baby boy goats to keep Clarence company during his stay with us.

Meg Staley Handmade has taken a back burner to all the 2- and 4-legged excitement. Sheep today, clothes tomorrow….

2 thoughts on “Clarence the lamb arrives at Fake Rock Farm!!!

  1. According to twin sister Pam who has lived on the edge of the outback in Australia for the last 12 years, baby “lambie pies” (she has several) are cute and cudley??!! looking forward to reading your blog xox

    • yo susan! i’m just trying to figure out how to post on this new blog site not to mention replying . one of these days, we’ll get a chance to convene somewhere. xoxo

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