Urban granddaughters brave the WOODS !!!

Here are Penelope and Violet Sorrentino clinging to each other on the way up the Empire Bluffs Trail in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, our backyard at Fake Rock Farm.    From Brooklyn to bear country.  (Speaking of bears, bear with me while I figure out the new blog format that Henry switched me to last weekend in New York. )  This wooded trail climbs up the back of a 450 ft.  sand dune.  The woods are scary for our delicate urban gals, but Sugar the dog is completely at home.  When we crest the bluff and look out, this is what we see.  Way, way down there in the water are 4 dots (swimmers.)   Can you see them?   

2 thoughts on “Urban granddaughters brave the WOODS !!!

  1. I think the dots (swimmers) are gick on my computer screen. This looks so lovely.
    The granddaughters are pretty cute too.

    • hi jane! just got back from seeing lucky and crew in Comedy of Errors . Hank reformatted me onto this new blog hosting site and i can’t figure it out for the life of me. i hate being so out of it. did you get my birthday card ever? xoxo meg

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