Meg Staley Handmade at the podium

What’s wrong with this picture???  My brother-in-law’s brother, Robert Linsky, was brave enough to sport my Nervous Breakdown Tie  as a featured speaker at a recent information design convention.  This flagrant rejection of conventional dress code goes way, way beyond casual Fridays.  Robert, you’re my hero!  

4 thoughts on “Meg Staley Handmade at the podium

  1. I love that tie too (and gotta love that man for wearing it). Really, though, it’s very suitable (pun intended) attire for any kind of a DESIGN convention. Just perfect! I can’t decide which I love more….the tie or the name of the tie. Too funny!

    • ties are bits of fabric and knit densely stitched onto vintage ties. They’re always a good gift for a giggle, and often the lucky guy recipient actually gets a kick out of wearing it! xoxo

  2. I’d love to see a large fabric flower brooch – similar to the tie, full of fabric “confettii” – that we ladies could wear to spiff up an old outfit and make it funky.

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