Baby Lio gets a Meg Staley Handmade pillow!

One of the things we LOVE making are personalized gifts for NEW BABIES!!!  Welcoming a baby into the world with a happy quilt or little pillow is a gift that lives on well past the onesie or swaddling blanket gives out.  And when a name is spelled out in bright, bold letters, it’s often the most immediate opportunity to play with name recognition at bed time.

This baby pillow is going all the way to Tuscany.  My sister, Lynn Staley, and bro-in-law, Marty Linsky,  are so in love with the pizza at Cafe Paradiso, in Trequanda, Italy that they make the 2 hr drive up  from Collevecchio several times a year.  Its glamorous owners, Giorgio and Frederica Perinti, are now good friends and also besotted new parents.   Welcome Baby Lio!

8 thoughts on “Baby Lio gets a Meg Staley Handmade pillow!

  1. Meg, that pillow is just beautiful – artistic and so cheery! I feel upbeat just looking at it!
    It’s very kind and generous of you to have made it for a little one so far (geographically and relation-wise) from you. And you are so right! It’s a lasting gift that Lio should love and use for many years to come. Bravo!
    — Judy

  2. Meg I know where you got that idea. It started with Grandmother Honeywell in Brussels when she ordered my crocheted name pillow case. Good product. They ought to do well…— but maybe you should have a version that was more NEW baby looking . suggestion with love Mom

  3. you’re right Mom, on both counts. But, remember the song “Everybody wants to be an Art Director…” by Stan Freiberg? In your case, I’m going to hire you as my new merchandiser. Welcome to the staff of Meg STaley Handmade!

  4. Far be it from me to disagree with Meg’s Mom (no disrespect intended, Meg’s Mom) but if Meg had made the pillow more NEW baby looking, it wouldn’t have as long a shelf life. Give little Lio a few more years and he’d find it “too babyish.” As it is now, the pillow has years of use to come…as Meg stated in her first post. In the full interest of disclosure, however, I should state that I’ve never had children, so my opinion is just that and not based on any experience. 🙂

  5. Meg,sorry for the late comment,we have just found this forum, We thank you soo much for the pillow,it is beautifull and little Lio appreciate. We send you a big hug.
    Giorgio Federica and Lio ofcourse

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