Jerry’s Map!

My husband, Jerry Gretzinger, is a fantasy map maker and a couple of years ago, I commissioned Greg Whitmore, a family friend and really skilled videographer, to make a mini movie about Jerry and his map.  My able son, Henry Gretzinger, also helped with the camerawork.  The movie accompanied Jerry’s first map show and was also posted on Vimeo, a site for videographers to exhibit their work.  This film was just now picked as a Vimeo favorite and is now kind of a cult viral hit!  Watch it here.

I also provided a link to Jer’s blog on my earlier post  Fake Rock Farm.  His map pieces decorate the front of our barn!  Congrats, hubby!

2 thoughts on “Jerry’s Map!

  1. Meg, thanks so much for the tip about Jerry’s video. I watched it twice last night; it was as if Jerry was talking to me in my living room. I have to say that I don’t know anyone even remotely like him; the way Jerry’s mind works is fascinating. Not being at all creative myself, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have such a nonstop active mind, and the need to constantly create. (No doubt you too are like this in at least some ways, Meg, since you too are a very creative person). In all seriousness, I hope Jerry leaves his brain to science. If he does, I’ll leave mine too, so the scientists can compare a fabulously creative brain to one that’s perfectly happy just blobbing around doing nothing to occupy itself except reading an occasional mystery book or watching a favorite movie I’ve seen about twelve other times. Whereas my doodles are just that — doodles — Jerry’s turned into a lifelong creative outlet. What a fascinating man to live with! What interesting conversations you must have! What a great team you two have made with your respective talents and creativity! I loved when Jerry said he’s good for another twenty years [working on the map]. And major kudos to Greg and Henry for the great camera work!

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