I could have titled this post many ways, but it comes down to this:  my 90-year-old mom, Kay Staley, is a force of nature with indomitable spirit, joie de vivre and a power of example to all of us fortunate progeny.

She is also a tennis fanatic.  Mom began playing at 10 years old in Berkeley, Ca, when her mother, in an effort to redirect her daughter’s tomboy pastimes like football with the neighborhood boys, got her onto a tennis court, which at that time was a slightly more acceptable sport for a young lady.  She played up until 2 years ago, when a wrongly prescribed antibiotic wreaked havoc with her achilles tendon!

The love of the sport and emphasis on fitness has been has been deeply instilled in her daughters and grandsons as well, and on Labor Day, Mom took us to the US Open for a terrific night of tennis and family celebration (missing a few key members!)


from right:  my nephew, Max Linsky, mama Kay , Kate Eastman (Lucky’s squeeze), son Lucky Gretzinger, son Henry Gretzinger, Meredith Jacks (Max’s fiancee!), husband Jerry Gretzinger, and me.

Thanks to Gramma Kay for giving us such a wonderful night and for being such a light in our lives.



3 thoughts on “NINETY YEARS YOUNG

  1. Warms my heart to see your mother at 90 out and about enjoying herself and her family. You are all fortunate to have one another. What a wonderful role model she is!

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