Peaches and Figs

The weather at Fake Rock Farm is finally turning, and I’ve cut off the tips of thumbs, forefingers and ring fingers on my old red wool gloves to stretch my studio time out in the barn.  After an hour or so of printing and cutting on my table, I retreat to the kitchen tap to revitalize manual dexterity.  Soooo, I was wandering around in my i photos and when I found this picture my sister took at her home in Collevecchio in August, it asked to be posted as a melancholy reminder of summer passing.

2 thoughts on “Peaches and Figs

    • gosh Kris. I’m so lackadaisical about the selling piece of this little business now. in part because the distribution is so tiny and i have so little production, in part because i never make the same thing twice so ordering a duplicate of something you were to see online is impossible, and in part because i’m too lazy to post things on etsy. That being said I’m not a lazy person when it comes to a ll things i LIKE to do, but the selling part i’ve never been fond of.

      My work is carried at a handful of stores: Magic Jacket in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, Kaye Louise in Boca Raton, Fl. Mad Mad Hatteras in Avon, NC, Better Half in Florham Park, NJ and Art To Wear Too in Cold Spring, NY. In addition to that I do private commissions.

      If you’d like to figure out a way of shopping long distance, i’m open to it. xoxo

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