Nanook of the North

Well, I finally gave in to the approaching winter at Fake Rock Farm (45th latitude), packed the Element up to its gills with fabric, paints, patterns, computer, audiobooks and snacks, and headed east to Meg Staley Handmade winter headquarters at our house in Cold Spring, NY.  Definitely cozier than our wheezy Michigan barn in the nippy months.

Or so I thought.  Until Saturday, when a freak snowstorm dumped 8″ of very wet snow on trees that hadn’t even begun to shed their leaves, and as soon as you could say “Uh-oh,” the power went kaput.  And with the power went the news, the coffeemaker, the entertainment devices, lights and  heat.

Since trunk show deadlines are looming, I kept on working until i was forced to crawl under the covers.  By the second night I was ready for a hot meal and shower and my dear sister, Lynn, gathered me into her warm Central Park West apt.

Today, just after snapping this shot of me in my LED headlamp and other power-less accoutrements, the lights flickered on.  Just about 48 hours and none the worse for wear.  Now I can take off my Davy Crockett hat,  headlamp and fingerless gloves and greet the trick-or-treaters.

1 thought on “Nanook of the North

  1. Meg, I’m sorry to have had a laugh at your expense, but that photo is too funny! But it made me really cold just looking at it. And that hat….art to wear….NOT! 🙂
    Last winter I was without heat for five days before my furnace got fixed…and it’s not fun at all.
    Stay warm, and put some metallic fabric confetti on that hat! 🙂

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