Arty Party Fun!

Last weekend Meg Staley Handmade travelled down to the DC area to visit Suzanne Armstrong at her annual holiday Arty Party!  Suzanne has developed a loyal following of clients who never miss an opportunity to collect my one-of-kind art clothing.  Thanks to Suzanne’s enthusiasm and talent, fabulous helpers (Kim, Hermine, Gayle and Paul) and crazy fun customers, we sold out in 24 hours! Thanks ladies (and man….)

Karen rocks the applique patchwork holiday tunic!

This is Suzanne’s glitter shoe. Tired but happy designer home at last, cozying up in my  Giant Snowflake Hoody

3 thoughts on “Arty Party Fun!

  1. Elida – I’m with you! Why not have Meg over for a trunk show at your house – I’ll come! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Meg, I love your clothes and everything you’ve shown in photos on your blog (and you always look mah-velous!). Cute snowflake hoodie, too! Bottom Line for this post: Wish I’d been at Suzanne’s party too, and I’m not surprised that everything sold out.

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