Lucky Gretzinger as Kris Kringle?

Well…it could happen… the movies!  My son, Lucky and his girlfriend, Kate Eastman, just finished filming a 2 minute teaser for a movie pitch, maybe for the 2012 holiday movie season?  Click here to watch.   When your kids are happy and engaged in life, so are we parents….

4 thoughts on “Lucky Gretzinger as Kris Kringle?

  1. The pillows are colorful, unique, and novel, like you Meg. 🙂 Very pretty and fun indeed. As for clicking on the sgattic link, I’ve done that many many times and just this past week received a couple of your trunk show items I purchased from that site. Although, being many miles away, I could not attend your trunk shows in person, being able to purchase some of the items from that site made me feel as if I didn’t miss out. Love, love, love my latest purchases and sgattic prices are bargains! It’s so fun to wear your one-of-a-kind creations that define the term “art to wear.” Thank you and your husband for making the best items in my wardrobe that always bring a smile to my face as well as compliments galore.

  2. Oh, dear My comment got posted under the wrong subject – it’s supposed to be under Pillows! Any way to move it please? So sorry! Now you know how “untekkie” I am. :

  3. Just so you know, Judy, I’m too teck-less to move your comment anywhere, so here it will rest.
    And thanks for your compliments and shopping. Always appreciated! Happy New Year, Judy!

  4. Thank you for your graciousness, Meg, and again my apologies for inadvertently posting in the wrong place. I, too, am teck-less, and in this case feck-less as well!

    As for posting in the appropriate place, I enjoyed the film clip very much! My very best wishes to Lucky and Kate on their careers! 🙂

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