Making this wedding quilt gave me particular JOY!

This summer my nephew, Max Linsky, married his long time sweetheart, Meredith Jacks, in a celebration near my sister, Lynn Staley and bro-in-law, Marty Linsky’s gorgeous home near Rome. The house overlooks a beautiful hilltown, Collevecchio, with olive orchards and pastureland spreading in all directions and that was the backdrop for my big reveal.

Earlier in the spring I asked both families to send me mementos of their kid’s lives that I could sew together into a surprise quilt. Moms Sherry and Lynn obliged by sending an array of tee shirts, dresses, athletic shorts and duffles  as well as photos chronicling Max and Meredith’s shining moments which I transferred onto fine white cotton for applique. For more versatility, I made the quilt reversable, with the back side featuring a patchwork of beautiful white ground vintage prints. The result? Lots of hugs AND a forever keepsake!

The bride admires her wedding gift…

DSC07524 (1)

The bride and groom wrapped in love.

DSC07534 (1)

Our family displays the quilt off Lynn and Marty’s 2nd floor terrace. From left to right:
Sherry, Max, Meredith, Nelle, Lynn, me, Penelope, Violet, Henry, Kate, Lucky, Marty, Jerry.


Sunset over Collevecchio: an end to a happy day

5 thoughts on “Making this wedding quilt gave me particular JOY!

    • Hi jasper !
      Thanks for your enthusiasm! Jer and I just moved permanently to our farm and the whole process has been overwhelming. But life’s beginning to settle down and I can’t wait to get into my studio full time and make more art! Hope you’re doing well!

  1. Love the quilt! Remember the quilt that hung on my dorm wall and all the time we spent “finding”. Pictures in the squares?:). Love looking at the picture of all the family!! Hope you will be at reunion?! Xox

    • Susan! Hey, how are you? Yes I remember that quilt well (or at least that activity…) Now I’m an addict of all things patchwork, particularly when I can combine my 2 loves of color/fabric and story-telling.

      Am certainly hoping to get to the reunion this May.
      I’m sending my love and wishes for good vibes….

      xoxo, meg

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