Our friends, Mary Rothenbeuhler and Jeff Katz, actually found themselves at  Fake Rock Farm on their way from New York to a family gathering in Sioux Falls, SD. Jeff was also on the literary trail, seeking out the settings and childhood home of author Jim Harrison.  Since the farm is rarely on the way to anything, we were impressed and honored to be included in the loop.  Mary, being the clever graphic designer she is, constructed a terrific “travel brochure” as diary of their visit.  Click below to see the fun….



  1. OMG! I feel like the biggest voyeur, but have had the best time snooping thru your blogs and images and life. Meg I LOVE your work ….. color and texture and whimsey….so fun! I’m not a Facebooker….dabble in Instagram….thanks for a little memory lane hit. You are adorable! Debbie Ehrig, BHS Girls Club VP ✌️😘✌️

    • Oh my Debbie ehrig!!!!!
      What’s your Instagram acct?
      I’m out in Seattle every other month. Hovering over my 93 yr old mom. Love her to pieces. Where are you now? Still on bainbridge ? So great to hear from you, Debbie. I can tell you haven’t lost your natural enthusiasm. Always love that part of you Debbie. Xoxo

      • Debbie E here again stalking you! Hysterical! Actually this is social media at its best….times of joy!….and sorrow (in my opinion). My weak Instagram acct is: @ehrigseidl. I would love a little connect with you on a visit out West. I know Kris Honn would love to join us. She was the one one that got me stalking….and she named her 26 yr old daughter after YOU! I lost my 84 yr old Mom 6 mos again….still in that up and down place of grieving! Grieving takes a lot of energy ie I’m pooped! U bet…take care and love that fab mom of yours. If I have learned anything in this time of loss it is….we are all going to die! Gotta keep on keeping on…ie kick -ss! ✌️😘✌️

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