Hi there! My name is Meg Staley. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for over 40 years. In 1986, my husband, Jerry Gretzinger, and I began collaborating on unique wearable art which we manufactured under the names of Staley/Gretzinger, Mad Lab and Bread. Our clothing has been carried by over 200 specialty stores in the USA, including many marquee names, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

When our company finally closed in 2008, I knew I wanted to continue to make clothes and home goods, but I resolved to be inspired by every part of the process: designing, printing, dying, cutting, stitching and embellishing each piece, one at a time. I started shopping thrift stores again, picking out vintage pieces with some intrinsic interest that I knew I could reinvent, following my instincts and allowing the the garment to tell me where it had been and where it wanted to go. I buy pieces of fabric that speak to me, bits of embroidery, printed scarves, old dresses, skirts. Often I dye and print fabrics and garments to make them my own and then combine everything into new pieces that I love.

Right now I’m totally into UNAPOLOGETIC COLOR. Like an addict, I need happy colors around me to lift me up. On the flip side, with pinched bank accounts hovering in the back corners of our brains, I know each piece has got to work with a basic bottom already in your closet; hence my tendency to accent  with black, white or neutral. My shapes are all loose and easy, one-size-fits-most, with a relaxed, informal lifestyle in mind. If you are stressed out, put on one of my tops and feel the tension start to slip away.

Care for my clothes is also easy: Machine or hand wash, cold water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat.

My clothes are carried at a handful of wonderful stores around the country, including Kaye Louise in Boca Raton, FL; All Ducked Out in Duck, NC; The Better Half in Florham Park, NJ; Ruth Conklin Gallery in Glen Arbor, MI. and through ArttoWearhouse.com.  I live on our farm in Leelanau County, MI, one of the prettiest places in the US.   I’m no longer interested in BIG, FAST, FASTER. I’m  63 years old and I want to savor each day. I’m blessed to be able to make SLOW clothes for women who are thoughtful, creative and autonomous. Thank you for helping me celebrate my individuality, by celebrating yours!

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    • Oh My! I always remember you as super creative! And now I have found you. We worked together in “POV” at Nordstrom many many years ago. Candy Eskenazi…….

      • Hi candy!!! What a great surprise to get a note from you. I still see Galen jefferson and Gail Cottle when I’m out in Seattle ( my mom lives in Redmond)
        Though when I visit nordstrom in bv square I think “did I really work here?”
        I’m totally out of the dept store world. What are you up to??

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Right now I’m not able to take on any more wholesale accounts because i’m having trouble keeping up with the few I have. I appreciate your interest, though, and will make a note to write you if I have more production time available.

  1. I saw your friend Susan Steadman wearing your shirt when I dropped my art at Synchronicity. Where can I get one? I live near Kalkaska. Thanks!

  2. Hey! I found you! Do you remember meeting at some crazy tradeshow somewhere along the way? You left an impression – I hope I did too. Sounds like we have chosen similar paths and around the same time! I would love to be in email touch with you about a project I am working on. Crispinaffrench@gmail.com is where you can reach me best.
    It is so nice to see you are happily following your true path. We share so much – a grand-daughter and daughter share the name – Violet, even.
    Be well and shine on!
    Crispina ffrench

  3. I love your clothes and used to buy them at a store in Dallas. Would you give me a few names of places I can buy from. They do not have to be in Texas, I do live in Ft Worth, BUT I will look anywhere. Thanks and please continue. Sharon Davis

    • Hi Sharon!
      Love that you’ve found me. I’m not bvery good at keeping up with this blog, but I so appreciate your continued interest. Currently I sell to just a few stores and do send out boxes to a few private customers. It’s a little random at first, but after a few exchanges I can start to guess what you’ll like. The stores are

      Kaye Louise in Boca Raton, Fl
      Better Half in Florham Park, NJ
      Mad Mad Hatteras in Avon, NC
      Art TO Wear in Cold Spring, NY
      Magic Jacket in Fish Creek, Wi.

      If you’d like to let me know your size, color, shape and style preference we could try a long distance box relationship….

      let me know.

      Meg Staley

  4. Dear Meg, Are you taking on wholesale accounts? We sold Art to Wear at Pazazzz years ago. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Cheryl & john Garman
    829 State Street
    Lemoyne, Pa 17043

    • Hi Cheryl!
      I’m happy to hear from you! I’m in the middle of a perfect storm of change currently (moving, new workshop. family illness and big art show coming up of my husband’s work – jerrysmap.blogspot.com) so I’m afraid that i can’t take on anything right now. BUT, when I’m settled in next spring i would love to talk. Can you contact me around march or april? my email is borntobop@gmail.com or just thru the blog. thanks! Meg

  5. Is there a store in New York City where I can buy your clothes? Used to love going to the sample sales when you had space in the West 30s.

    • Hi Susan!
      Thanks for contacting me! I don’t have a store in NYC but actually in a few weeks (late OCT) we’re going to be having a big estate sale in Cold Spring, NY which will include a ton of Staley Gretzinger stuff as well as some inventory of my current stuff. I’ll try to remember to email you when I have the specific dates. It’ll probably be 2 consecutive weekends and you can take the train up from Grand CEntral. It would be fun to remeet you.

  6. Hi Meg, I leave in Coral Gables , fl where can I get your clothes??? I miss u solo much. Thanks in advance. Amira

    • Hi Amira!
      My clothes are carried on a fairly regular basis in Boca at Kaye Louise. They’re right off the freeway on Glades Rd. Hope you can make it up there to explore and thanks for your support!

    • Hi Pati.
      Thanks for your note! I’m busy making new pieces for the June Arty Party next week in Woodbridge. After that I’m getting busy on restocking my favorite store in the New York area, Art To Wear in Cold Spring, NY. It’s a beautiful train ride out of Grand Central, up the Hudson River about an hour. Marilyn is the owner and fantastic stylist who is a big supporter of my clothes. Right now she’s sold out, but I/m getting her some new things soon.
      Hope you hava a fun trip.

    • Hi Barbara!
      Thanks for your note! I’m selling through a small group of stores, all on the east coast and just began selling on a website called arttowearhouse.com. they’re just up and running and only have a couple of my pieces on the site, but it’s a start. If you’d like the name of the stores i sell, let me know and they’re all really good at sending pictures and working with customers long-distance. my production is pretty tiny since i refuse to go back to big business, employees, payroll, etc. I just have a parttime stitcher and I do everything else. If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know.
      BTW, I’ve been in recovery for almost 30 years, and some of my best customers are psychologists, social workers, life coaches: women who know who they are and aren’t afraid to express it.

  7. Meg,
    Hope the email I sent you made it regarding monday oct. 21?
    At book club everyone was oooo and ahhhhhing over Peachy’s new Staley shirt….more monday.

  8. Hi Meg, I bought two of your pieces last fall at your trunk show (with friend Kathy Ricord). I am now working for Becky Thatcher Designs and Becky wanted me to inquire whether you would be interested in doing a trunk show at her store in Glen Arbor this summer? Also, Becky has a stash of cloth/clothing that she wants to get to you. Maybe we can talk? Thanks in advance –
    Carrie Sharp

  9. Hi Meg, it’s Marla from L’Zinger. Way way back. Great to see you are still creating, living in a beautiful place and have a lovely family.
    Email me to say hi and I will give you the update on the family.

  10. Hi Meg. I knew you somewhat when you and Jerry lived in Cold Spring. And I have more than a couple of your fabulous creations. Today I’m wearing a long polartek coat with painted Asian ladies. Alas, one of them has shredded. I’m wondering there are any solutions you might suggest. Of course the best would be a replacement panel… I dare not hope. Ideas? Thoughts?

    Thanks, .
    Jane Wilson Cathcart

    • Hi Jane! I remember you! I don’t think I have those blocks any more, but I’ll check the studio tomorrow. If so I might be able to recreate something if you can photograph the bottom of the coat up close and also the fraying panel. My email is borntobop@gmail.com. Thanks!

  11. Good for you! I like that you look for fabrics that speak to you. I like those kinds of fabrics too. I first began “designing “ clothes for my Barbie doll. My Mom was sewing clothes on the machine while I was sewing them by hand. I’m 68 and have never lost my love for sewing. I also embroider. I made and embroidered my son’s christening gown. It’s an heirloom gown, hat, slip, Bob and booties. He looked like an angel.
    As soon as I can, I’m coming down to all duck out and see your gems!

  12. I wore your designs for years..mainly from Baby&co in Seattle. Including 2 trunk sales. You were phenomenal then and you continue to be.

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