Mudroom Gallery

Jerry and I collect tiles  (and all things handpainted.)  An old friend, Diane Lorick, visited recently with her old friend, Liz Wylegala.  (Both are artists and instantly blended  in with the Fake Rock Farm “leave no surface unadorned” credo.  Liz found a new tile for the mudroom gallery at the Suttons Bay Art Festival children’s tent. Some budding creative entitled it HEN to help in interpreting the art.  Love it!

Garden Squash

Fresh yellow zucchini!


pour olive oil to coat the bottom of a big saute pan.  chop up a bunch of fresh garlic (5 cloves) and slice up a big onion and line the bottom of the pan, garlic first, then onion.  turn on heat to low to mediumish and slow cook.  when the onions are transparent, layer cross-sectioned zucchini (about 6 – 8 small/medium ones cut in 3/4-1″ thickness) on top of the onions and cover. Stir occasionally until the zucchini softens, but before it breaks down. Throw in a handful of fresh chopped oregano, maybe 1/2 cup, and salt liberally.  stir a couple of times and serve.  serves 6.


PLAYING HOOKY at the Traverse City Film Festival

JUST GREAT MOVIES  is the Traverse City Film Festival‘s by-line and last week between feeding the goat, lamb, turkeys, chickens, cats, dogs and ducks, I WENT TO THE MOVIES!  Michael Moore and friends started TCFF 7 years ago and rehabbed the old State Theater on Front St. into a state-of-the-art flagship for movie-going year around.  Over 1300 volunteers staff the festival and serve as hosts to an incredible spectrum of film types from all over the world.  This year Jerry and I sponsored a film from Cuba, HABANASTATION, and gorged on shorts, docs and fiction films galore.  WHAT I WORE:A NEW PEPLUM JACKET.  black and white pattern play with sparkley flower accent, shirt cuff pockets and a casual attitude.  Lots of compliments.  This style is currently at Magic Jacket in Fish Creek, Wisconsin and at Kaye Louise in Boca Raton, Florida.  (If there are any left!)