Back when Santa was still busy in his workshop…

  I had some elves working at Meg Staley Handmade!!! Kathryn And Duncan Penfold plastered the studio with hand-printed cloth napkins – gifts for unsuspecting family members. I couldn’t resist a shot of all this unapologetic RED!!! 

A terrific way to cheer up an otherwise grey winterscape. No snow for Christmas this year. Though Mother Nature has skedaddled to make up for that in the first 2 weeks of 2016. Happy new year!!

The Strong women celebrate family in Meg Staley Handmade scarves!


My dear friend, Tracy Strong, lost her dad last year and after reclaiming some of his favorite sweaters and shirts, asked me to refashion the garments into scarves and throwpillows for her family’s Christmas reunion in Sun Valley.  Here is Tracy, flanked by her sisters, daughter and nieces in the Jack Strong memorial infinity scarves.  Cozy, colorful, and grinning from ear to ear, happy to be together.

Thank you, Tracy, for allowing me to help you retain the memory of your father and celebrate your family’s ties.

Playing Dress-Up on My First Year Anniversary

My studio Is finally taking shape, almost a year after moving to our farm in Maple City, Michigan.  I’ve had such fun making it a home, full of light, color and pattern.  Just like my clothes! 

At special request from a few of my stores, I actually put on mascara, combed my hair and modeled two pieces for their ads.  This is like torture for me. At age 62, I don’t really recognize the person in the photo, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.IMG_2065

The Mitten Tunic IMG_2056The Flip-out Tunic

A Loyal Fan is happy once more!

sharon's photo

Kay Martin and husband at her son’s 2005 wedding wearing Staley / Gretzinger.

Dear Meg,

I thought you might be interested in the saga of this top.

In 2005, when my son was about to be married in Tuolumne Meadows, I found a wonderful dress in a small local boutique (Ellyn’s – since closed). I love this dress, and when my daughter decided to get married this September, I asked her if I could wear it to her outdoor wedding on the banks of the Skokomish River on the Olympic Peninsula where she and her fiancé live. “No,” she said, “I want you to wear something different.” I looked in every store I knew in Cleveland. I kept telling salespeople that I wanted something that felt like this dress. They all proceeded to show me what they had. Nobody “got” it.

Then I decided to look at the tag in my outfit. And, I found your blog. And I found Kaye-Louise in Florida. They were kind enough to send photos of the tops they had. And I chose the one I am sending to you. I love this top. It is playful, it is fun. I’ll feel wonderful wearing it.

But, last Sunday, I went to a local arts fair (Cain Park Arts Fair in Cleveland Heights) to look for jewelry. As I put the top in a canvas bag, I had a brief moment when I thought I should bag it separately from the book and newspaper I was carrying, but ignored that. When we were caught in a brief and welcome downpour, it didn’t dawn on me to pull the top out of the bag and put it in something else. I can only guess that the newsprint bled onto the top.

What perseverance!  I was so impressed that Kay Martin tracked down Meg Staley Handmade at one of my best stores, Kaye Louise, in Boca Raton, Florida. Kaye Louise caters to women like Kay, going to any lengths to satisfy their need to look and feel uniquely comfortable and beautiful.   The piece Kay chose from Kaye Louise was easily repaired and this fall she sent me another picture from her daughter’s wedding this September.  Doesn’t she look relaxed and happy?


Making this wedding quilt gave me particular JOY!

This summer my nephew, Max Linsky, married his long time sweetheart, Meredith Jacks, in a celebration near my sister, Lynn Staley and bro-in-law, Marty Linsky’s gorgeous home near Rome. The house overlooks a beautiful hilltown, Collevecchio, with olive orchards and pastureland spreading in all directions and that was the backdrop for my big reveal.

Earlier in the spring I asked both families to send me mementos of their kid’s lives that I could sew together into a surprise quilt. Moms Sherry and Lynn obliged by sending an array of tee shirts, dresses, athletic shorts and duffles  as well as photos chronicling Max and Meredith’s shining moments which I transferred onto fine white cotton for applique. For more versatility, I made the quilt reversable, with the back side featuring a patchwork of beautiful white ground vintage prints. The result? Lots of hugs AND a forever keepsake!

The bride admires her wedding gift…

DSC07524 (1)

The bride and groom wrapped in love.

DSC07534 (1)

Our family displays the quilt off Lynn and Marty’s 2nd floor terrace. From left to right:
Sherry, Max, Meredith, Nelle, Lynn, me, Penelope, Violet, Henry, Kate, Lucky, Marty, Jerry.


Sunset over Collevecchio: an end to a happy day