Meg Staley Handmade at the podium

What’s wrong with this picture???  My brother-in-law’s brother, Robert Linsky, was brave enough to sport my Nervous Breakdown Tie  as a featured speaker at a recent information design convention.  This flagrant rejection of conventional dress code goes way, way beyond casual Fridays.  Robert, you’re my hero!  


New Tee shirts for Trequanda Friends

>It’s the eve of my trip to visit my sister, Lynn, at her new home outside of Collevecchio, Italy. She designed my new logo, Meg Staley Handmade, and in return she asked me to design tee shirts for friends in Trequanda. These came out well, I think. Double clamp dye, with roller printing and screen printing on top of that. Now, if only my brain would retrieve some of that Italian I learned years ago in college!