Arty Party Fun!

Last weekend Meg Staley Handmade travelled down to the DC area to visit Suzanne Armstrong at her annual holiday Arty Party!  Suzanne has developed a loyal following of clients who never miss an opportunity to collect my one-of-kind art clothing.  Thanks to Suzanne’s enthusiasm and talent, fabulous helpers (Kim, Hermine, Gayle and Paul) and crazy fun customers, we sold out in 24 hours! Thanks ladies (and man….)

Karen rocks the applique patchwork holiday tunic!

This is Suzanne’s glitter shoe. Tired but happy designer home at last, cozying up in my  Giant Snowflake Hoody

Chicago, Chicago

I love Chicago.  Especially in the fall, when you can cozy up in a colorful sweater jacket and scarf and hit the streets for a day of walking, looking at art, architecture, shopping and eating.  We ventured forth while taking my granddaughter, Violet, to visit colleges (!!!) nearby and while Jerry and Violet explored the U of Chicago campus, I toured the Robie House, a Frank Lloyd Wright – designed home finished in 1910. What a treat!  After that, we visited Millenium Park  to see the Bean (officially entitled Cloud Gate Sculpture.)  The experience was unlike any other. Here we are gazing at our contorted selves in the giant sculpture:When you go under the sculpture and look up, this is what you see.  I can pick Jerry out of the image because he’s taking a picture, but otherwise I’m lost.  What you can see, though, are 3 replications of a sweet 16 party, dressed in emerald green satin finery, posing for photos.  Mind-boggling and a total crowd pleaser.  I love Chicago.

Baby Lio gets a Meg Staley Handmade pillow!

One of the things we LOVE making are personalized gifts for NEW BABIES!!!  Welcoming a baby into the world with a happy quilt or little pillow is a gift that lives on well past the onesie or swaddling blanket gives out.  And when a name is spelled out in bright, bold letters, it’s often the most immediate opportunity to play with name recognition at bed time.

This baby pillow is going all the way to Tuscany.  My sister, Lynn Staley, and bro-in-law, Marty Linsky,  are so in love with the pizza at Cafe Paradiso, in Trequanda, Italy that they make the 2 hr drive up  from Collevecchio several times a year.  Its glamorous owners, Giorgio and Frederica Perinti, are now good friends and also besotted new parents.   Welcome Baby Lio!

PLAYING HOOKY at the Traverse City Film Festival

JUST GREAT MOVIES  is the Traverse City Film Festival‘s by-line and last week between feeding the goat, lamb, turkeys, chickens, cats, dogs and ducks, I WENT TO THE MOVIES!  Michael Moore and friends started TCFF 7 years ago and rehabbed the old State Theater on Front St. into a state-of-the-art flagship for movie-going year around.  Over 1300 volunteers staff the festival and serve as hosts to an incredible spectrum of film types from all over the world.  This year Jerry and I sponsored a film from Cuba, HABANASTATION, and gorged on shorts, docs and fiction films galore.  WHAT I WORE:A NEW PEPLUM JACKET.  black and white pattern play with sparkley flower accent, shirt cuff pockets and a casual attitude.  Lots of compliments.  This style is currently at Magic Jacket in Fish Creek, Wisconsin and at Kaye Louise in Boca Raton, Florida.  (If there are any left!)


Suzanne, from Mad Mad Hatteras in Avon, NC,  sent me a picture of her good friend, Barbie, who also happens to be a long time Meg Staley Handmade fan.  She’s donned my muu-muu-licious dress, replete with hand-dying and handprints of cool, crisp watermelon slices, pineapples and giant tropical blooms.  She looks relaxed and full of pizzazz after a beach day on the Outer Islands!  

Fireworks Finale!

Explosions of color going every which way, this tunic just made me smile! I hope someone at the Magic Jacket in Fish Creek, Wisconsin takes it home for a terrific 4th of July celebration…that’s where this one-of-a-kind headed earlier in the week. (Good grief, can’t these people at Meg Staley Handmade find a real model?)

Longer Patchwork dress

I know. It’s kind of old school. But I love how easy and free the shape is (without the self-consciousness of bellies and other misbehaving body parts hanging out!) In the summer, nothing’s easier to pop on and this dress goes over crop pants, leggings or bare legs with equal aplomb. As an artist I get to play more with fabric juxtapositions, print accents and such. Right now I’m into an old botanical sketch of a kiwi cross section. Crisp black on white. Ahhhhh… summer.