Suzanne, from Mad Mad Hatteras in Avon, NC,  sent me a picture of her good friend, Barbie, who also happens to be a long time Meg Staley Handmade fan.  She’s donned my muu-muu-licious dress, replete with hand-dying and handprints of cool, crisp watermelon slices, pineapples and giant tropical blooms.  She looks relaxed and full of pizzazz after a beach day on the Outer Islands!  

Fireworks Finale!

Explosions of color going every which way, this tunic just made me smile! I hope someone at the Magic Jacket in Fish Creek, Wisconsin takes it home for a terrific 4th of July celebration…that’s where this one-of-a-kind headed earlier in the week. (Good grief, can’t these people at Meg Staley Handmade find a real model?)

Longer Patchwork dress

I know. It’s kind of old school. But I love how easy and free the shape is (without the self-consciousness of bellies and other misbehaving body parts hanging out!) In the summer, nothing’s easier to pop on and this dress goes over crop pants, leggings or bare legs with equal aplomb. As an artist I get to play more with fabric juxtapositions, print accents and such. Right now I’m into an old botanical sketch of a kiwi cross section. Crisp black on white. Ahhhhh… summer.

New Tee shirts for Trequanda Friends

>It’s the eve of my trip to visit my sister, Lynn, at her new home outside of Collevecchio, Italy. She designed my new logo, Meg Staley Handmade, and in return she asked me to design tee shirts for friends in Trequanda. These came out well, I think. Double clamp dye, with roller printing and screen printing on top of that. Now, if only my brain would retrieve some of that Italian I learned years ago in college!