Moonset at the beach

The universe gives us gifts all the time, but rarely are we paying attention. Last night Mother Nature wouldn’t let us ignore her. A wonderful dinner with new friends and old on the beach at Leland, Michigan yielded this photo and a forever moment. Every body, every morsel, every dappled view was perfect. Thankyou.

This is the end of our road

My son, Lucky Gretzinger, took this photo a couple of years ago and I asked him if I could steal it for the blog, because it personifies summer in Leelanau County.

Our farm sits in the middle of Leelanau Peninsula which juts out into Lake Michigan. Most of the shoreline here is federally protected and managed as Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. Miles and miles of white sand beaches are available for all to enjoy. Just a bike ride away!!

Meg Staley Handmade has a cousin in Montepulciano, Italy!

My sister, Lynn Staley, has a great eye and loves clothes, design, and all things artistically quirky just as much as I do. Must be the DNA…Here she is in Montepulciano modeling a local designer’s clothes so her friend, Gail Anderson, could snap a picture for me. She was right. I loved it. Unapologetic color. One of my mottoes.

FYI this designer’s website is: Gee, maybe I should have a website….. Nope, not ready to be a grownup yet.

Unbelievable Bug/Bird


Is it a Bug? or a Bird? This was the question as I weeded a garden bed today. Adrian O’Barr, our caretaker/adoptive son this year, came over to look and couldn’t decide either. It was about 3″ across and its wings were a blur of beating stripes. Research yielded this photo and a name: White-lined Sphinx Moth. Wow.